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How to arrange a modern kitchen

Contemporary interiors combine simplicity, functionality and high aesthetics. So how to arrange a room to make it look beautiful and keep it practical at the same time? Our top contemporary interior designers present a handful of tips on how to arrange the kitchen space to be practical and maintained in the spirit of contemporary house design in the UK.

Kitchen décor – why is it important?

The kitchen is the heart of every home - let's make sure that the décor from the threshold encourages you to prepare healthy meals and enjoy good taste among your loved ones. The contemporary style perfectly adapts to our preferences and lifestyles, allows us to use the maximum area and introduce innovative solutions. What solutions? Here are some ideas brought to you by our top London contemporary interior designers

Simple or impressive - what should a contemporary kitchen look like?

Contemporary interiors abound in geometrically profiled forms, subdued colours and minimalist solutions. In many contemporary kitchens, you can find contrasting, slightly extravagant combinations and elements borrowed from various trends. One thing remains unchanged - all modern kitchen rooms are functional. There is no place for impractical trinkets - we put into the space only the things that are absolutely necessary. This way, we provide the kitchen with a spacious look and make it really comfortable. Our contemporary interior designers suggest to use simple, symmetrical furniture - this way, the interior will appear optically larger and consistent. The smooth tops and furniture fronts can be matte or shiny. The lovers of elegance in a modern version can bring a touch of gloss when deciding on varnished surfaces. It is important that the equipment used in the room is maintained in the spirit of contemporary house design in the UK, and therefore minimalistic and geometric, with proportional lines. The colours that perfectly reflect the character of modern stylization can include grey, white and graphite. The interiors finished in this way, combined with wood, look warm and impressive.

Materials in a contemporary interior - what to choose?

It is worth using wood in contemporary interiors. This timeless raw material is perfect for both classic and modernist interiors. Wooden elements of the interior will warm up the minimalist arrangements - they give them a cosier and more beautiful look. Among the commonly used materials, those of natural origin dominate, but you can also experiment with plastic elements. Remember to not overload your interior - smooth, geometric glass vessels and other kitchen accessories will work perfectly here. They give the space an aesthetic and harmonious final result.

Innovative solutions in contemporary arrangements

Innovative solutions in contemporary arrangements

The modern kitchen must not lack functional and innovative equipment. Modern devices are perfectly adapted to our needs, furniture and our lifestyle. Sometimes these larger appliances can disfigure our kitchen - in this case, we can order furniture capable of accommodating and concealing a refrigerator and a dishwasher. Let's also consider replacing the classic equipment with more modernized one. Let the large hood be replaced by its minimalist equivalent, and the gas plate – by the induction hob. In this way, we will save more space in the room and we will ensure comfortable conditions for using individual devices. You should also think about purchasing modern containers for food and drawers for convenient storage of various items - use accessories that will make everyday use of the kitchen more pleasant. The solutions used in the room should improve our work. It is also more and more convenient to combine rooms - the kitchen open to the living room and dining room makes the flat seem more spacious. It also makes it easier to find a place for additional kitchen furniture and stylish accessories.


A modern kitchen is a kitchen that is practical to use. Minimalism rules here. The furniture and accessories used must be simple and functional, and the whole interior is spacious enough for us to be able to move freely. In rooms maintained in the spirit of contemporary house design in the UK, we should use many innovative tricks to make everyday life more pleasant. Let's choose solutions that favour our comfort - these perfectly reflect the idea of a modern lifestyle and the essence of contemporary interior design.